Special springs and special springs made of metal

Special springs are characterized by special features that are tailored to the respective application.
These can be industry-specific as well as customer-specific. We know about the peculiarities and are therefore looking for Production start the conversation with our customers.
With competence and service readiness, we have developed into an important partner for numerous companies in recent years.

main industries that we supply with special springs

Here are the main industries that we supply with special springs:

  • Automotive industry or automotive supplier
  • Electrical and Electronics Industry
  • white goods industry
  • fitting industry and lock industry
  • aerospace industry
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries
  • Refrigeration-Air-Technical Industries
  • Photovoltaic and solar collectors
  • Mechanical and Plant Engineering
  • Metal working industries and metal construction
  • industries and industries around "building services"
  • Galvanogestellbau
  • plastic products
  • Lamps and Lighting Industry
  • furniture industry
  • Design Articles and Consumer Products
  • musical instruments industry
  • Springs as components

Special springs are characterized by very different properties.
Springs must be understood in the art, regardless of the industry, especially components, who give in first under load. They then return as soon as they are relieved and yield the force back to their original form.
The behavior of all special springs is therefore resettable. Due to the different fields of application In particular, the size and dimensions show significant differences. By the most modern machines and further developments We have succeeded in continuously improving special springs so that they impress with their excellent functionality.
Today special springs are highly complex components. However, they look back on a long history. Simple feathers, which were also unsuspected and had little in common with today's designs, were already in use prehistoric days application. The first spring mechanisms that have been developed, according to records, spring from the Bronze Age.
Spiral feathers, such as those present today as special feathers, for example, were used for the first time in the early 15th century. At that time, they were used in watches. Today's special springs have little in common with the first versions.
What has remained is the basic function of each spring. As a preferred material is in the production of special springs the processing of steel or spring steel is used. Furthermore, copper alloys are used in various designs. For semi-finished products, narrow strips and wires are predominantly used.