Machines and plants for the production of metal springs

We have a wide range of modern machines and systems for the production of technical springs and bent wire parts.

Our modern machinery and equipment for the production of technical springs and bent wire parts offer efficient and precise production.
The machines and systems enable the automated production of small and large quantities with high quality and consistency.
Precise dimensional accuracy and shaping are achieved through advanced control technologies and precise tool guidance.

Our machinery and equipment for the production of technical springs and bent wire parts offer a wide range of processing options different wire diameters, materials and geometries to meet the specific needs of customers.
With short set-up times and fast production cycles, they contribute to the efficiency and economy of production.

In addition, our machines and systems also enable complex shapes and special spring types such as torsion springs or special springs. Our machines and systems make a significant contribution to the manufacture of technical springs and bent wire parts with high quality, precision and productivity.

For the production of technical springs from round wire, we use machines (CNC wire bending and winding centers) from WAFIOS from the series FMU, FTU and FSE:

WAFIOS CNC wire bending and winding centers are characterized by their versatility, accuracy and efficiency. They are able to precisely bend and wind wire materials of different diameters and materials. This enables the production of a wide range of bent wire parts such as springs, hooks, brackets and other complex components.

The main features and advantages of CNC wire bending and coiling centers are:

CNC control: The machines are equipped with state-of-the-art CNC controls that enable precise programming and control of the bending and winding processes. This ensures high repeat accuracy and process stability.
Flexibility: Due to the versatile equipment of the machines, different bending and winding configurations can be realized. The tools can be easily exchanged to enable quick adaptation to different production requirements.
Automation: WAFIOS machines are designed for high productivity and efficiency. They have automatic feeding systems that continuously and precisely control the flow of wire material. This shortens the production time and minimizes the waste of material.
Precision: The CNC control and the high-quality guide systems of the machines ensure high precision when bending and winding wire. This is particularly important when manufacturing complex bent wire parts where tight tolerances must be maintained.
Quality control: WAFIOS CNC wire bending and coiling centers are equipped with advanced sensors and measuring systems that enable real-time monitoring and quality control during the production process. As a result, faulty parts are detected early and rejects are minimized.
Efficient use of materials: The machines optimize the use of wire materials by minimizing waste and maximizing yield. This leads to efficient use of resources and reduced material costs.

WAFIOS CNC Wire Bending and Winding Centers are used in various industries, including automotive, electronics, household appliances, medical technology and many others.
They enable the cost-effective production of high-precision bent wire parts in large quantities.

Products made of flat or strip material can be manufactured in our factory using BIHLER stamping and forming machines:

BIHLER is a well-known manufacturer of stamping and forming machines that has been offering innovative solutions for metal processing for decades. Their stamping and forming machines enable the precise and efficient production of stamped and bent metal parts in large quantities. With their outstanding technology and flexibility, they offer numerous advantages for companies in various industries.

The stamping and forming machines from BIHLER are characterized by the following features:

Versatility: The machines are capable of processing a variety of materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper. You can punch, bend, emboss, and add additional fasteners such as threads or rivets to complex shapes. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, from electronics and electrical engineering products to automotive components and household appliances.
Automation: BIHLER's stamping and forming machines are equipped with state-of-the-art controls and automated feed units. This enables a continuous production flow and minimizes the amount of manual work. The automated material feed and tool change ensure high productivity and short set-up times.
Precision and quality: BIHLER machines guarantee high precision in the manufacture of metal parts. Due to their advanced control technology and high-quality tooling systems, tight tolerances are maintained and product quality is guaranteed. This is particularly important in industries that place high demands on dimensional accuracy and surface quality.
Flexibility: BIHLER stamping and forming machines have a modular structure and can be adapted to specific production requirements. With a variety of optional tools and additional equipment, you can integrate different machining steps and processes. This enables them to produce complex metal parts in a single operation.
Efficiency: The stamping and forming machines from BIHLER are characterized by their high productivity and economy. Through the use of multiple tools, which enable the simultaneous processing of several parts, and optimized production processes, the output is increased and unit costs reduced. This leads to efficient use of resources and improved competitiveness.

BIHLER stamping and forming machines are used in various industries, including the automotive industry, electronics, medical technology, household appliances and many more. They offer companies the opportunity to produce complex metal parts with high precision, quality and efficiency.

In addition to state-of-the-art bending machines, we have automatic box stackers, box changers that enable production in allow defined units.
In addition, we use various mobile and static tempering furnaces.
A Trowal system for vibratory finishing of stainless steel parts enables perfect surfaces of the metal springs.

A Trowal line is a special type of machine used in surface engineering:

It is also known as a vibratory finishing system and is used for the surface treatment of workpieces by vibratory finishing or vibration processes.
The Trowal system consists of a closed drum or container in which the workpieces to be machined are placed together with grinding wheels, grinding or polishing media and water or a special grinding medium. By rotating or vibrating the drum, the workpieces are set in motion and at the same time brought into contact with the abrasive media.
The purpose of a Trowal system is to finish, clean, deburr or polish the surface of the workpieces. The movement of the workpieces and the action of the grinding media remove bumps, burrs or impurities on the surface, resulting in an even and smooth surface structure. This can serve both aesthetic and functional purposes, e.g. improved optics, increased wear resistance or easier assembly.
Trowal systems offer a number of benefits including:
Efficiency: Through the use of grinding media and special processes, several workpieces can be processed at the same time, which leads to high productivity.
Flexibility: The selection of the grinding media and the control over the process parameters allow the adaptation of the surface treatment to different materials and requirements.
Quality improvement: Uniform surface finishing can reduce or eliminate unevenness, bumps or contamination, resulting in improved surface quality.
Cost-Effectiveness: Trowal equipment allows automated and repeatable surface finishing, reducing labor time and costs.

Trowal systems are used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, jewelry and many others where high quality surface finishing is required.

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Machinery and equipment

For all our products made of round wire and wire strip material, we have a machine park with a wide variety technical possibilities available. We also have our own tool shop in-house.