return springs - pressure-resilient coiled metal spring

Compression springs: Small springs with maximum effect
Probably the most popular form among the technical springs are the compression springs.
Everybody knows her. Compression springs became known above all through their use in the ballpoint pen.
Compression springs are used in almost all industrial sectors and in all sizes.
What initially gives the impression that they are a "simple" component, is developing often as a demanding task. Reiner Schmid Produktions GmbH has focused on the production of high quality compression springs specializes in this area and offers you a large selection of different sizes and designs. When manufacturing the compression springs, we will also be able to meet your wishes explicitly, so that the production of individual springs is possible for you.

Versatile options
The possibilities of compression springs can also be varied.
In the standard variant, compression springs consist of a cylindrical spring body of a spring wire in a certain wire thickness.
The spring body has a length (L0) and a certain diameter (Di, Da). The number of turns is usually defined as "total" (nt or ig) and "resilient" (n or if), where nt = n + 2. In the standard version have Compression springs so at each end a turn that is not rising, but created. Most of the time, compression springs become right Made around wrapped. Compression springs over a wire diameter of d = 1.0 are often ground at the spring ends, to create a flat support.

Grinding of compression springs
The production of compression springs, like the production of other springs, consists of several steps. An essential part of the production of compression springs is grinding. However, the grinding of the spring ends is a Cost and quality intensive process that is chosen wisely. With thinner wire thicknesses can mostly on the grinding the spring ends of the compression springs are omitted. Besides them, there are other versions of compression springs.
They include "conical" designs, in which the turns are not on "block" but on actuation. In addition, compression springs are offered as double-conical or barrel-shaped. Also compression springs with different pitch dimensions in the windings, as well as with several applied areas of the windings in the spring body are used. In rarer cases, compression springs are also made wound left. With us you get all types.
On request, we also take over special designs of compression springs for you. For the production of springs of all types and sizes, we rely on modern machinery.
This allows us to respond to your own wishes. Compression springs, like other technical springs, also have to be extra special be made precisely. In order for this to be possible, we carefully coordinate your wishes in advance with the possibilities. Thereby we guarantee optimal results.

Compression springs