Torsion springs - , torsionally loadable coiled metal spring

High-quality torsion springs and torsion springs in the best quality
Torsion springs are also widely known as torsion springs.
As torsion or torsion springs coil springs are called, which are bent around an axis and subjected to bending. As kinematic components they store potential energy and are responsible for the moving functionality.
Torsion springs usually consist of two legs (Ls1 and Ls2) and a spring body (Lk) with a certain number of turns (n) and a certain diameter (Di, Da). A special function of the torsion springs is the existing legs.
The legs of the spring act in contrast to many classic springs as a lever. This allows them to optimally initiate the torque.

Torsion springs for individual use
In addition to standardized torsion springs, you can also opt for customized versions.
An adaptation of the leg geometry according to customer requirements is just as possible as the deflection of the spring legs in a tangential, radial, radial central or axial shape. These are just a few examples of adjusting torsion springs.
Should you require further changes, please contact us.
Settings are also possible with the torsion springs in the leg adjustment. The leg position can be adjusted continuously to the expected forces or the required torque.

Durable and robust torsion springs on fair terms
Due to the enormous stresses that torsion springs are exposed to, it is important that they are of the highest quality. Torsion springs can be wound on the left or right-hand side and made in pairs. We lead in advance of production Careful calculations and determine the optimal dimensions in terms of durability and functionality.
So you can rely on a perfect solution. Through physical tests we can on our load change machines Check and document the actual life of the torsion springs. Our exams ensure that you are in our assortment only find quality goods.

Typical features of the leg springs
Torsion springs are also known as torsion springs.
These wire springs are always wound helically. They have projecting, straight ends, which are also referred to as legs. For the torsion springs, the legs, so the ends, of great value. This will initiate the torque for the bending wire.
Thigh springs are very common in everyday life and are essential in many areas.
For example, they have developed into important staples in clothespins or safety pins. When closed, the safety pin is held, for example, by the leg spring in the so-called force closure. Also, the mousetrap with beater would not work without the leg spring.

Picture of torsion springs

Video: Production of a torsion spring